Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Turns out Marijuana might help stop Alzheimers Disease

Mental Health Bulletin For Seniors!

Marijuana Compound Removes Alzheimer’s-Related Protein From Nerve Cells

New Study Indicates Marijuana Can Reduce Inflamation Associated With Alzheimer's

Marijuana May Prevent Alzheimers, Study Says

Marijuana Compound Removes Alzheimer’s Plaque From Brain Cells, Study Finds

Senior Resources In Hawaii and other stuffs ....

     Elder Resources

Useful & Comprehensive: Senior Resources In Hawaii

Honolulu C&C Resource for Aging, Disability and Caregiving

State of Hawaii DOH Hawaii Government Resources

A Commercial Search Engine: Senior Living Resources

Hud Senior Housing Information

I am trying to find an editorial point of view that is useful to seniors like myself and at the same time I am trying to collect information that might actually serve the needs of old folks.

Good and unbiased health information is keenly needed by seniors and their care-givers and I am going to make my personal needs for information serve the needs of all the seniors in my group.

Humor and satire is not so easy to come by I have realized.  Getting old sure isn't for sissies.  But humor in this drama of life is best seen thru an ironic lens and I am going to use that viewpoint to develop a 70 Somethings storyline that is humorous and meaningful.  Please watch this space to see.