Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Senior Resources In Hawaii and other stuffs ....

     Elder Resources

Useful & Comprehensive: Senior Resources In Hawaii

Honolulu C&C Resource for Aging, Disability and Caregiving

State of Hawaii DOH Hawaii Government Resources

A Commercial Search Engine: Senior Living Resources

Hud Senior Housing Information

I am trying to find an editorial point of view that is useful to seniors like myself and at the same time I am trying to collect information that might actually serve the needs of old folks.

Good and unbiased health information is keenly needed by seniors and their care-givers and I am going to make my personal needs for information serve the needs of all the seniors in my group.

Humor and satire is not so easy to come by I have realized.  Getting old sure isn't for sissies.  But humor in this drama of life is best seen thru an ironic lens and I am going to use that viewpoint to develop a 70 Somethings storyline that is humorous and meaningful.  Please watch this space to see.

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